If you feel unprepared or not sure of how to prepare for your upcoming interview, or even worse you think you are prepared but still fail at delivering that successful interview, we have a solution to your problem. We are thrilled to bring you the most powerful interview book on the market.

topscore interview rule book

Interview Rule Book

Whether looking to obtain your first job, making a career change, interviewing for college admission, or seeking a promotion, the key to effective interviewing is the establishment of dynamic and thorough answers. Acing your next first-round interview is simple with the implementation of our proven five-step system. The Interview Rule Book provides the essential tools needed to craft detailed answers to any interview question and is unlike any other interview book available, as it contains two different points of view and two different styles of teaching. One author’s style of teaching is linear and the other is more creative. We were able to mesh them with this one-of-a-kind comprehensive book. Whatever style suits your personality, we have it covered. Read More

topscore interview rule book workbook

Interview Rule Book Workbook

The Interview Rule Book Workbook is a comprehensive tool to assist you in organizing thoughts, ideas, and critical information so you can effectively communicate during your next interview. The Interview Rule Book Workbook is intended to be used alongside the Interview Rule Book. With The Interview Rule Book Workbook’s all-in-one approach, you will learn how to master the TopScore Top 5 system and hone your interviewing skills by defining and developing your Marketing Priorities and Core Values. Landing your dream job has never been so easy. Read More

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