“For years, the interview process has been one-sided. The power of the interview has been held and wielded by those hiring, while those on the other side of the table have been left guessing and grasping at straws. The game changes now!” – Josh Bear, COO Jivaro Professional Headhunters

Organize your thoughts, ideas, and critical information so you can communicate effectively during your interview.

topscore interview rule book workbook

Companioned with Interview Rule Book, this workbook will prove to be a critical tool in helping prepare you for your next interview. Interview Rule Book Workbook is the most thorough interview workbook on the market. This workbook will give you an all-in-one organized approach to writing down your TopScore Top5™, Marketing Priorities and Core Values. The notes you make in this workbook will provide you with the ultimate study guide for dominating your interview.

Learn a simple, proven process to interview like never before!

With this workbook, you will:

  • Define and develop your Marketing Priorities.
  • Save time and money by dominating your next job interview.
  • Master our proven TopScore Top5™ system, the exact system that is being utilized nationally with proven results.
  • Be more prepared and less stressed for your interview.
  • Prevent rambling in your interview.
  • Be prepared for an entry level position to advancement opportunities.

"Through the tips and techniques in this workbook, I was able to formulate detailed
answers to any questions of the hiring panel. I went on to score 100% on my last interview and got the job!" Dray Thompson