Learn a simple, proven process to interview like never before!

topscore interview rule book

“For years, the interview process has been one-sided. The power of the interview has been held and wielded by those hiring, while those on the other side of the table have been left guessing and grasping at straws. The game changes now!” – Josh Bear, COO Jivaro Professional Headhunters

Utilize the TopScore Top5® system to create tailored answers to the most demanding interview questions. If you are preparing for your first interview or the most important interview of your life, you will discover:

Combined with the Interview Rule Book Workbook, you will be prepared to interview for ANY job you desire.

  • How to answer real questions while using TopScore Top5®.
  • Learning the Interview Rules for a successful interview.
  • Learn how to use your life and work experiences for your next interview.
  • How to prevent losing your thought process in the middle of an answer.

“Mike and Rob have covered every detail imaginable to help job seekers be fully prepared for any interview. From how to be mentally and physically present for a phone interview, to an exacting set of rules that, if practiced properly, will ensure the job seeker has sufficiently built up a bank of information to articulate their qualifications no matter how stressful the interview.” Ginny Gragg: Human Resource Specialist 18 years.

About The Authors:

As interview coaches, Mike and Rob have successfully prepared hundreds of candidates for the highly competitive firefighter interview. As students of the interview process for over 15 years, they’ve combined their knowledge into this comprehensive interview guide that will help you successfully attain a career in any industry.