• Is your audience or customer seeking help with an upcoming interview?

  • Are you looking for additional ways to create revenue?

  • Would interview training serve your network?

If so we'd love to partner with you!

It’s our mission to leave the world better than when we found it. We started this business with by helping the most qualified and dedicated candidates get hired. By partnering with higher educational institutes or employment-related influencers, we can reach more candidates who are as committed and passionate about their career choice as we are, and help them land their dream offer.

As an affiliate, you earn a commission of every sale you make of the Interview Training Course.

Affiliate 101

  1. Who can be an affiliate? Affiliates can be individuals or businesses with a similar audience who agree to promote the Firefighter Interview Training Course to their online network. Affiliates can also be past students who want to recommend the training to friends and family.
  2. Why partner with TopScore? The TopScore Interview system was developed by two firefighters both with over 20 years on the job. It is a proven system that has already helped hundreds of candidates improve their interview scores and land their dream job. Partnering with us through our affiliate program provides your network with increased value and provides you with an additional revenue stream.
  3. How do you track sales? Each affiliate receives a unique URL that tracks their sales. Whenever someone from your network uses your link to access the course you earn a percentage of sales.
  4. What if my network doesn't use my link? Cookies are used to track attribution for 365 days. For example, if someone from your audience network clicks on your URL one day then goes back to the course without using your URL 2 months later you're still credited with the sale.
  5. How do I see my sales? All affiliates have access to the training course as well as an affiliate dashboard that displays sales, revenue, commission details, and your unique URL.
  6. Can anyone be an affiliate? No. As an individual, you are only eligible for the affiliate program if you are a past student and have completed the online Firefighter Interview Training Course. If you are an influencer or agency you must align with our vision and mission and have a similar audience.
  7. What affiliate tracking program do you use? Affiliate tracking is done through teachable.com the same site who hosts the training course. You can learn more about them and the affiliate dashboard here.   For an even deeper dive into affiliate features you can check out this article.
  8. What is the commission percent? Your commission percent can be negotiated before you sign-up. Generally commissions run on a scale. Individuals without a fire service network who are interested in sharing the program with friends and family can earn 10% of sales.
    • Influencers with networks of 2,000+ can earn 15%
    • Influencers with networks of 20,000+ can earn 20%
    • Influencers with networks of 50,000+ can earn 25%
    • Influencers with networks of 100,000+ can earn 30%

    This scale can be negotiated based on a promotional strategy. For example, if an influencer with a network of 20,000 plans on executing a complete promotional strategy rather than simply posting a few times their percent can increase significantly. Commission percent maxes out at 40%

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