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Interview Rule Book Online Training Course

Our Proven System Gives You Essential Tools To...
Answer Any Interview Question!


Our Proven System Will Guide You Through These Simple Steps.

Read Interview Rule Book

Learn a proven system to answer ANY question and know exactly what the board is looking for.
topscore interview rule book

Use Interview Rule Book Workbook

Know exactly how to sell your best qualities so you aren’t pondering thoughts while in the chair.
topscore interview rule book

Interview Rule Book Online Course

Learn to choose, implement and communicate your marketing priorities with the TopScore Top5 system.
topscore interview rule book

Enter Your Interview With Confidence

Implement the TopScore system with ease and land the job you’ve always wanted.
topscore interview rule book

A SECRET TIP:  Interviewers look for information they may not overtly ask for. Often, there is a hidden agenda behind questions. With TopScore, you will learn how to provide competent answers to any type of question; every time.

topscore interview rule book

What Makes TopScore Different?

After Completing The Online Course, You Will Be Able To Execute The Following Confidently...

The TopScore Top Five

You will learn how to include 5, often missed, critical points with every answer.

The Formula

This formula will guide you through any interview using a specific structure for precise responses to ANY question.

Walk Throughs

We will walk you through the types of questions you'll see, so you know exactly what to expect during your upcoming interview.

Learning The Rules

You will learn simple interview rules; including information you’ll need before, during, and after the oral interview.

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Acing your next first-round interview is simple with the implementation of our proven five-step system. The Interview Rule Book provides the essential tools needed to craft detailed answers to any interview question.


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